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Capture more leads and nurture them with Optinly

Growth Marketing Goals

One main reason why Optinly is a goal-based popup maker plugin is because most of the marketers/store owners find it hard to decide their growth goals. And at times, they tend to run popup campaigns that mismatch the sole purpose of their marketing goals. Which is why Optinly comes with 10 most common marketing goals that suits best for both websites and eCommerce stores.

Below mentioned are Optinly’s growth marketing goals,

  • Build Audience - Create lead capture forms to grab visitor’s attention and grow your audience base.

  • Reduce Cart Abandonment - Display exit popups with this free exit popup generator and stop visitors from abandoning their shopping carts.

  • Increase Cart Value - Display special offers and coupon codes to increase your customer’s cart value.

  • Promote Special Offers - Double your Black Friday sales or Holiday Season sales using pretty popups to promote special offers.

  • Gamification Popups - Engage visitors and capture instant attention using game popups - spin the wheel popups and more on the way.

  • Countdown Timers - Increase your eCommerce sales seamlessly. Use countdown timer popups to create FOMO and promote impulsive buying.

  • Coupon Popups - Help your store visitors purchase more using coupon popups and capture email leads simultanesously.

  • Conduct Surveys - Use exit survey popups to collect valuable inputs from web visitors and make informed decisions.

  • Guide Website Visitors - Redirect traffic to target pages. Use popups to guide web visitors to specific pages and increase conversions significantly.

  • Notification Popups - Help visitors stay updated with your website happenings. Display important messages using notice popups.

All you have to do is, select your marketing goal, choose an appropriate popup template and run your campaign. It’s even easier than said.

We understand how hard it becomes at times to create popups which is why Optinly gives you 75+ goal-based WordPress popup forms. All popup forms are highly customizable, mobile responsive and well-crafted to increase conversions.

Goal-based popup templates is what makes Optinly one of the best WordPress popup plugin. Each marketing goal is backed with relevant popup templates that are well-crafted to meet your growth goals.

All you have to do is choose your marketing goal -> choose your popup type -> choose your template -> set display triggers and set it live.

Also, you can customize popups to suit your website’s theme using the inbuilt popup builder - no design or development skills needed to implement.

Optinly comes with an inbuilt popup builder that makes it super easy for you to create highly converting popup campaigns on the go. The popup builder is extremely easy to use - you can customize the popup copy text, the call-to-action text, background colors, images and more.

We’ll take you through a detailed tour of Optinly’s popup builder later.

Display website popups to your visitors at the right time and at the right place. Use Optinly’s advanced popup triggering options to increase website conversions and engagement. Stats say that targeted on-site messages have 3x more conversion rates than website popups that follow no strategies. Optinly gives you

  • Page based targeting/URL based targeting options

  • Exit intent triggers

  • Time-based triggers - trigger popups based on users’ time on a page/website

  • Target visitors based on the devices - desktops/tablets/mobiles

  • Options to retarget visitors after a specific number of days

With the above popup triggering options, increasing your website conversions and sales isn’t going to be hard from now.

Extra Features to Drive More Conversions and Revenue

Optinly comes power-packed with advanced features to help drive more conversions and revenue.

  • Powerful dashboard that lets you know about clicks, views & conversions.

  • Seamless integration with top email marketing service providers.

  • Easy installation process, clutter-free user interface and more.

  • Download captured leads via CSV file format.

  • Advanced features at zero cost - a forever free plan for you to get started with Optinly.

Add popups to your website in 4 simple steps -> Choose your marketing goal -> choose a popup template and customize if necessary -> set popup triggering options -> set your campaign live.

Now that we've covered the basics of Optinly, let's get to know how it can help grow your business.

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