Creating a Campaign

Learn how to create popups and set triggers for your popup campaign with Optinly. Also, learn how to create popups for mobiles and tablets in this read.

We understand your need to have different types of popups to drive more conversions on your website which is why Optinly gives you 6 different types of website popups. Below mentioned are the types of popups you get with Optinly

  • Exit Intent Popups

  • Floating Sidebars

  • Gamification Popups - Spin the Wheel

  • Fullscreen Overlay Popups

  • Notification Popups

  • Timed Delay Popups

Get an idea of how you can put these popups into effective use by reading Use cases.

How to Create Your First Popup With Optinly?

Optinly is one of the most easy to use free popup maker you might have come across. You can easily create your popups within minutes using this go-to popup builder. You can learn how to make a popup box with Optinly by following the below-mentioned steps

Step 1: After installing and activating Optinly, head to your dashboard and you’ll see the “Add New Campaign” option. Click the same to proceed. You can also create a new campaign by clicking the "Create Campaign" button found on the top right corner of your screen.

Step 2: Once you click "Add New Campaign", you’ll be asked to choose your goal for this particular campaign.

Choose a Goal for Your Popup Campaign

Set a title, choose your campaign goal and then proceed.

Step 3: Once done, you’ll be taken to a window where you can choose the type of popup form and the relevant popup template as well!

You can simply click the popup type you prefer and choose from the available popup templates that would suit best for your campaign!

Step 4: Once you choose your popup template, you’ll be taken to the popups settings dashboard where you'll be able to have a preview, set triggering and display options for your popup campaign.

Click "Customize" to head to the popups customization window. You can also change the popup template using the "Change template" button anytime.

Popup Customization Options

Step 5: Once you are done with the popup design, click “Save Template” and then the “Go back to Settings” button.

You can select triggering options from the multiple popup triggering options Optinly gives you.

The below image shows an example of a time delayed trigger of 5 seconds. This should give enough time for the website audience to settle in. With the page-based targeting option, this popup campaign has been chosen to be displayed on the Homepage alone.

Also, the re-targeting option has been set as 5 days. The popup will be displayed to your website visitor when he/she visits again after the specified number of days.

Set Triggering Options for Popup Campaign

You can also add multiple conditions by clicking the "Add Condition" button.

Step 6: Once when you are all set, click the “Save and Set Live” option to make your popup campaign live. Remember that it will take an approximate 30 seconds for the changes to reflect on your website.

Campaign Live Success Message

And that’s how you create your first popup with Optinly.

How to Set Triggers to Your Campaign?

Setting triggers to your popup campaigns with Optinly is quite easy. Below mentioned are the steps as to how you can set popup triggers to your campaign.

After you have completed customizing your popup, click the “Save Template” and then the "Go back to Settings" button to head to the Settings Dashboard.

Head to the Settings Section

On heading to the settings section, you can choose from the multiple triggering options available. Below mentioned are some of the popup triggering options Optinly offers

  • Page based targeting options - show on all pages or on selected pages.

  • Time Based triggers - trigger popups based on time spent on a particular page or on the website.

  • Exit Intent triggers - display popup when a user is about to leave the website.

  • Re-targeting options - enter the number of days after which you want to display popups to your visitors.

You can choose the most appropriate popup trigger for your campaign. Also, you can choose multiple triggering options for the same campaign to increase the chances of conversions by clicking the "Add Condition" button.

Set Triggers to Your Popup Campaign

Optinly also gives you the option to display Google reCAPTCHA to subscribers in order to prevent spam.

Once you have set the triggering options, click the "Save & Set Live" button to make your popup campaign live.

How to Create a Pop-Up Campaign for Mobiles and Tablets?

Optinly makes it easy for you to create a campaign and display them based on devices - you have options to display them only to mobile devices or tablets or desktops. Also, you can display them on all three devices simultaneously.

In this article, you'll know how to display your popup campaign specific to the device types.

  • Make sure you already know how to create a popup campaign by choosing your marketing goal and popup templates.

When you have chosen your marketing goal, relevant popup template and customized it, head to the popup settings dashboard by clicking the "Go back to settings" button.

Head to the Popup Settings Window

In the settings section, below the "Customize" and "Change Buttons", you'll be able to witness a couple of toggle switches with which you can choose as to which device you want to display your popup campaign.

The toggle on/off button helps you choose between devices easily.

Choose Devices to Display

Once you’ve chosen the device you want to display, set triggers to your popup campaign. You can learn how to set triggers for your popup campaign in the article above.

Everything else is similar. You just have to click the "Save & Set Live" button for your campaign to become live. Remember that it will take anywhere around 60 seconds for the changes to be reflected.


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