Learn how to integrate Optinly in Sendy account.

How to Integrate Optinly With Your Sendy Account?

In this article, you’ll be learning how to integrate Optinly with your Sendy account. Follow the below-mentioned steps to connect Sendy with Optinly seamlessly.

Here are a few things we thought might be of help to you before you start.

When you’re in the middle of creating a popup campaign, probably when you are done setting display rules, head to the Integrations tab found on the left-hand side menu bar.

When clicked, you’ll be displayed the available ESPs and webhooks you can connect with.

Click on “Sendy” to initiate the integration process.

When you click Sendy, you’ll be asked to enter your Sendy URL, API key and List ID.

Enter your Sendy URL, API Key and List ID

Enter your Sendy URL, then Login to your Sendy account. Find your API key and List Id.

Head back to the Sendy integration tab now, paste API Key and list ID along with Sendy URL.

Also, you have the option to enable Double Opt-in there.

Click “Validate” to ensure that the connection goes through.

Once validated, you would have successfully integrated with Sendy now.

It’s done. You have successfully integrated Optinly with your Sendy account.

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