Pricing and Privacy

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What Plans Does Optinly Provide?Does Optinly Offer a Premium Trial Option?

Optinly comes with two plans

1. Forever Free Plan: You can use this plan as long as you want. There’s no restrictions imposed on the number of days you can use this plan. Best suited for businesses and marketers who want to try Optinly first/go small.

2. Growth Plan: More features means more conversions. Optinly’s growth plan comes with power packed features that helps you drive more conversions for your website. Best suited for businesses and marketers who want more conversions and want to run multiple popup campaigns with advanced features.

Does Optinly Offer a Premium Trial Option?

Yes, you get a 14 day free premium trial plan with Optinly. During this premium trial plan, you can use all advanced features of Optinly - no restrictions. Once the trial plan ends, you can either pay to continue to use the premium plan or downgrade to the free plan.

Why Optinly Offers a Free Plan?

It’s common that most of the popup plugins nowadays do not offer a free plan to their customers. But unlike others, we want our customers to know what they are about to pay for. And this is the reason why Optinly offers a free plan to its users.

Refund Policies

Yes, we offer a 30 day full refund policy if Optinly does not work out well for you.

How Data is Processed?

All data users submit to Optinly are processed & stored in a safe environment. For more information, you can visit our Privacy Policy

Can I Delete My Data?

Yes, you can delete your stored data once you cancel your subscription and stop using Optinly. Get in touch with us at [email protected] for more information.

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