Use Cases

Learn how to drive more conversions and grow your business with Optinly's forms and templates.

How Optinly Can Help Grow Your Business?

Website popups can be used for various reasons - it could either be for letting visitors know about your new product launch or about your upcoming seminar. Here are a few examples as to how you can use Optinly’s popup templates for business growth.

1. Full Screen Overlay Popups

WordPress full screen popups are one of the best ways to capture your visitor’s undivided attention. Here’s an example of a full page popup,

Full Screen Overlay Popup

Displaying this full-screen overlay will definitely take your store visitors to your deals page. It’s because the 50% discount offer would be too hard to miss and since it’s a limited time offer, you could definitely expect a spike in your anniversary sales.

2. Timed Delay Popups

Displaying popups a few seconds after your visitor spends on your webpage is a great way to convert your visitors. Here’s an example of a perfect timer popup.

Assume a visitor is visiting your eCommerce store and he/she gets to see this pretty popup a few seconds later. By this time, he/she would have got to know more about your store & products. And a popup that appears bearing an exclusive coupon worth $100 + free shipping would motivate your store visitors to purchase. You’d have to use a time-based popup trigger here.

3. Notification Popups

Let your web visitors know what’s happening using popup notifications. Display notification popups to visitors about exciting offers to grow your email list and increase conversions. Here’s an example of an attractive notification popup

The above website overlay popup lets your store visitors know that something special has been happening and that they’ve just won a $50 coupon. This is a great way to prompt action from your visitors and capture their email addresses.

4. Gamification Popups

Game popups are one of the best ways to engage with your visitors, not to mention the popularity and proven conversion rates spin the wheel popups have gained over the time. Here’s an example of Optinly’s spin to win wheel popup.

A clean and visually appealing spin to win popup template. You can use this popup at any point of time but would work best as en exit intent popup. Your visitors would eagerly want to try their luck and in the meanwhile, you’ll be growing your email list.

5. Floating Sidebar Popups

Floating bar optins are known for their zero annoyance factor and proven conversion rates. 7 out of 10 websites that used floating bar popups stated that they found floating bar optins to drive extreme results.

Gently asking your visitors to sign up for your monthly newsletters using floating bars is a great way to grow your email list. It’s going to be either a conversion or ignorance. But, there’s no space for annoyance here. A good pop-up design and copy lines will help your floating bar popups stand out.

6. Exit Intent Popups

Exit intent popups are nothing but an ace up the sleeve for most websites and eCommerce stores.

Exit popups give you the last minute window opportunity to capture your visitors.

Optinly is one of the best exit intent software you’ll come across. Here’s an effective exit popup template that’ll help you reduce cart abandonment on your eCommerce store.

Imagine displaying this popup to your store visitors when they are about to exit your store. It definitely would capture your visitor’s attention and the 25% instant discount is one strong reason for your visitors to complete their purchase. That’s how exit popups work - immediate & effective.

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