Learn how to integrate Optinly with your SendGrid account.

How to Integrate Optinly With Your SendGrid Account?

In this article, you will learn how to integrate Optinly with SendGrid. Read and follow the below-mentioned steps to connect Optinly with SendGrid.
Here are a few things you should know before you start.
When you are creating a campaign, you’ll come across the “Integrations” section which allows you to integrate with SendGrid.
When you click the “Integrations” tab, you’ll be displayed the available ESP’s you can connect with. Click on SendGrid to initiate the integration process.
Optinly Integrations
When you click SendGrid, you’ll be asked for your API key.
Enter API Key
Head to your SendGrid account and find the API keys. Copy the same and head back to the Integrations page on Optinly.
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Paste API Key and then click submit.
You'll be asked to choose an audience list from the available lists you've already created. Choose the preferred list and click "Save".
You’ll have your SendGrid account integrated with Optinly in a few minutes after which you can view email lists from your SendGrid account.
It’s done. You have successfully integrated Optinly with your SendGrid account.
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