Popup Targeting Rules

Targeting rules

You can control the pop-up form that your visitors see when they visit your site using targeting rules, which are based on the website URL, query parameters, and the visitor's information and behaviour. Combine the various targeting options to personalize the or pop-up form for each visitor.

If you choose any - any of the conditions that is matched will display

If you choose all - All the conditions that you have chosen will display

URL Browsing Targeting

A popup can be used to target users who are visiting a specific web page of yours. If you don't want a popup to appear on the entire website, simply enter the URLs of the pages you want to include or exclude.

Follow the steps below to set up URL Browsing targeting for your Optinly Campaigns.

Step 1: Select "URL" and then specify the conditions under which you want your popup to appear.


Homepage: The pop-up will be displayed on the specific homepage url Contains: the pop-up form will display on any page where the URL contains the value specified in the targeting rule, including any query parameters. For example, if the targeting rule is Website URL | contains |

Does not contain: The pop-up form will not display on any of the pages where the URL contains the value specified.

Exactly on: The pop-up will display exactly on the URL value that is specified in the targeting rule

Query Contains: target your pop-up form based on the query parameters included in the URL, the pop-up form will display on pages where the URL has a query parameter that exactly matches the name and the value specified.

Query Does Not Contain : The pop will not display on the query parameter that is included in the URL.

Don't Show on Homepage : Except for the homepage, the pop-up will appear on all pages.

Page Views Based Targeting

if the visitor has previously visited a particular page URL You can also specify the rime in order to target visitors.

Country based Targeting

Country based targeting the popup will be displayed based on the specific country you can select from the list of countries

Timezone based Targeting

Time based targeting is the popup that will be displayed based on the specific timezone

Referral URL Targeting

if the visitor arrived at your site via a link from a specific page URL.

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