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A/B Testing

A/B testing (also known as split testing) is one of the most commonly-known conversion optimization techniques.
It is the process of comparing two or more popup templates - by looking at which one drives more conversions.
Step 1: To create A/B testing for a campaign you’ve already created (Let’s say Campaign A), you have to click on the ‘A/B test’ button on Optinly dashboard -> Campaigns
Click on the A/B test button
Step 2: Set a title to the second campaign.
Then, you have to select a template by clicking on the ‘Change template’ button and configure the campaign settings.
Step 3: Once when you’re done with creating the campaign, you can head to Optinly dashboard -> Campaigns page to activate the two campaigns.
You can use the toggle switch to activate the campaigns.
That’s all, now you’ve successfully activated your A/B test campaign.
You can compare the performance of the campaigns at your Optinly -> Dashboard
Camparing the performance of campaigns
Note: For an effective A/B testing, please make sure to use the same popup type in each campaign and keep the campaign settings the same (Display rules, Targeting rules)