Customization Options

Learn how to customize your popup templates with Optinly.

How to Customize Texts, Images and Links In Your Popup?

Customization becomes a walk in the park process when you do it with Optinly’s popup editor. You can simply edit all aspects of your chosen popup template by making use of the corresponding options as shown below.

Customizing Text

Choose the popup template you want to use for your popup campaign. You’ll head to the "Popup settings" section.

Below the preview options, click the "Customize" button to head the popup customization section.

Click Customize Button

You’ll get relevant options (as shown below) where you can change the

  • Text Color

  • Font Family

  • Font Size

  • Font Style - Bold, Italics, Underline

  • Existing text copy

You get complete control over your popup templates.

Edit and Format Text

You can also enter a custom color code to suit your brand's theme.

You can also add hyperlinks to any part of your text copy. You can find the "Interlink" icon in the text formatting box adjacent to the "Font Color" icon.

It’s no different from editing your text. Scroll below the text formatting section and you'll be able to see the CTA Button section. Enable the toggle button and enter the destination URL in the below field box. You can also edit the CTA button by clicking the "Customize" option just above the toggle button.

Add Redirect URL to Popup

When your user takes action, he/she will be redirected to the destination URL.

You have successfully placed an URL for your CTA button. Similarly, you can customize your links as and when needed.

Customize/Change Images

Optinly allows you to add custom images to your popups which helps you deliver the personalization factor to your audience. If you want to change your image, scroll down further and you'll find options to Replace/Remove image from your popup template.

Click "Replace Image" to upload a custom image of your own. You'll get to see the below-mentioned window appear in front of you.

You can either upload an image from your system or choose from 1000+ images from Pixabay. Once done, the existing image will automatically be replaced with the new image.

Once when you're all done with the customization, click "Save Template" and then go back to the popup settings section.

Note: With Optinly, you can customize the "Close Icon" as well. You get options for the same when you edit the popup template text.